Thursday, November 6, 2014

Three parts of a web page

As far as I see there are three components of a web page:

2. CSS
3. Javascript

There are different libraries, frameworks and gems dealing with these three aspects. So far, in each of these three areas, I have identified following things that I need to learn, step by step:

CSS: Sass, bootstrap
Javascript: jquery, coffee script

I will keep adding other stuff to this list as I realize or as I come across them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Re learning RoR

I did web development using RubyOnRails for a year after I graduated in 2006. Back then there was not a lot of documentation about it and we had to learn lot of stuff using trial and error. I havent lot of development in RoR since then but now I want to do some serious web development and RoR seems an obvious choice since it is very popular and because I know it a little. So I have started re-learning it. I am going through Ruby On Rails Tutorial book and I intend to finish it. Many things are new and at times it feels too much to even remember all the different frameworks/libraries that keep poping (Saas, bootstrap, coffee script, jquery and etc) not to mention all these gems being used but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon.